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I am a member of Stroller Strides and visited the Ladera Ranch location last Wednesday. Prior to my visit I had only seen the studio from the outside.

I loved the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere inside. Everything was so new and clean. The instructors were fun and friendly and really gave an intense workout. After taking the class I felt leaner and toner. I know it sounds silly to say after just one class but I really felt a difference. I am looking into taking a class here once a week as I feel that it will be very beneficial to my overall health and fitness.


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I’ve always wanted to try pilates, but just never had the time or the opportunity or the momentum to get me in there.  After paying for months of virtually unused gym membership, never seeing any real results, and being completely unmotivated,  I considered getting a personal trainer.  Having recently turned 40 and having 2 children, I really wanted to work on me and getting myself into shape…but I wanted to see some actual results.  Knowing that Pure Pilates was just around the corner, I decided to drop the gym membership and try a pilates class.  I love pilates!!!  After just one month, I have seen real results.  And so has my husband.  I am feeling really good in a bikini, which I had just about given up on.  My abs have always been a weak area for me, and I was looking forward to the core training that pilates had to offer.  Little did I know that the first place I would see results was in my arms.  Pilates is a complete body workout.  I look forward to all of my pilates classes (even at 6:00 AM) and I love the instructors.  I am motivated, feeling great and looking forward to the results that the next couple of months bring my way.

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I started doing “Pure Pilates” in September of 2009 and couldn’t be more satisfied! In short, it changed my life. Now I keep telling my friends and family they have to do it too!This is the first time I have stuck with an exercise regimen, ever! And now I look forward to every class. The reason is simple, Pure Pilates! It’s a cozy place, the instructors are great, the classes are small and never the same; and last but not least, the exercises focus on your core, your trouble areas, in a very effective way.

I had recently given birth to two 9lbs boys and being only 5ft it stretched my body to the extremes. I thought I was stuck with a stretched and weak body that needed regular chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy to function – until I began doing Pilates.  I started seeing results in 2-3 weeks and when I visited my family in December they couldn’t believe their eyes. My sister was amazed at how I had been able to transform my body in such a short time, and my mom was happy to see her daughter stand tall, not slouch with her tummy sticking out! I am not going to share my husband’s comments J

But most importantly, I also feel so much better. I had never before experienced how it feels to be “fit”!

I am hooked, for life.  Thank you Pure Pilat

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We started pilates at Pure Pilates a few months and Myra has been our primary instructor. We are happy to say that we are experiencing  significant results in the way that we feel physically and mentally. As a result, we are committed to pilates as part of our life health plans. Myra has been key in ushering us into the world of pilates. She patiently explains the movements as to not only how they should feel, but how they should not feel. Being new to pilates, working through her sessions has given us confidence to join group sessions with the other instructors.

Myra has quickly been able to uncover our weaknesses and then teach us how to work on them, challenging us to grow. For example, I have very stiff hips and it turns out, one is much stiffer than the other. This was only uncovered after Myra identified my hip issues by carefully observing my range of motion. I play hockey recreationally where hip flexibility is key to skating. I have already seen improvements in my skating, induced by my improved hip flexibility. This makes me happy, I cannot think of any other way to say it.

We are very excited about continuing pilates in your studio.

James and Debbie

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I started taking pilates classes at Pure Pilates in January, and I am hooked!!  In addition to the obvious benefits of keeping you in shape, pilates has helped me with many other aspects of my health.  For almost 20 years I have been getting migraine headaches, and I thought it was something I just had to learn to live with, but since I had started taking pilates I noticed that my migraine frequency has dropped!  I was getting a couple migraines a week, and now I’m down to one every few months.  I also work in an office and sit at a desk most of the day…I have had problems with my hips and more recently my shoulder, which were getting worse from sitting all day.  Pilates has increased my flexibility and range of motion, and I am happy to say that I have seen a lot of improvement.  The instructors are fantastic about modifying my exercises during class if I have a flare-up too.  I think all the instructors are amazing, and they really give you a tough work-out!  I highly recommend it for anyone looking to relieve stress, increase their energy, and feel great!

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