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Your First Visit - Studio Orientation


Intimidated by Pilates? Don’t be. At Pure Pilates, we welcome all shapes, sizes and skill levels – and our instructors know how to make you feel at home. If you’re attending your first class, here are a few tips to get you comfortable:

You have an injury.

Come in a few minutes early .Your instructor is there to make sure you get the most out of your Pilates session, feel free to chat with your instructor about any medical conditions, injuries, pregnancies or other issues that could limit your ability to exercise. This will help your instructor modify movements appropriately for you.

What to wear.

Stretchy pants welcome. Wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for exercise. Your pants should allow you to move easily and your top should be fitted or semi-fitted. It’s in your best interest to wear fitted clothing, so our instructors can keep an eye on your form and alignment.  Please avoid baggy, loose clothing or shorts. Stretchy lycra fabrics are awesome for ease and freedom of movement (think yoga pants or leggings).  No shoes beyond the shoji doors, so leave those with your belongings. Please no jewelry, strong-scented perfumes, or lotions.

Toe socks and Straps.

Are mandatory inside the studio.  If you don't own either, we sell both at the studio.  You will be able to borrow both, during your first few visits.


In our efforts to provide you and your fellow students a pleasant and clean environment, we ask that you bring your own towels for all your needs during class.


The beauty of our studio is that it allows you to exercise and rehabilitate in a calm, tranquil environment. Noisy, buzzing, vibrating devices won’t help any of us get our groove, so keep your cell phones silent or leave them in the car.


If you are new, you will need to create a profile.  Didn’t go to MIT, don’t worry. Our online scheduling program is easy to use, even if you’re not tech-savvy.

  1. Go to our website at and click on “Schedule a class”.

  2. You should be at our Pure Pilates Online Store Scheduler. Enter your e-mail address where it says, “Create an Account”

  3. Our profile page will pop up. Fill in your name and information and rejoice. You are almost done. Make sure you click I agree with the above terms. If you have problems just call us at (949)444-1253 and we’ll enter that bad boy into our system ASAP.

  4. Pat yourself on the back. You did it. Celebrate by scheduling some Pilates classes.


   1.  Go to our website at and click on “Schedule a class”.

   2.  You should be at our Pure Pilates Online Store Scheduler. Enter your e-mail address where it says "Sign In"

   3.  Sign In using you e-mail address and password you created  

   4.  Once your in your account, you will be able to book your classes. Choose the tab of which studio you will be attending,                 then the day, and time.           

   5.  All that is left is 'Sign Up Now"


We love surprises, but not when it comes to company policies. Here’s what you need to know before you come to class.


Cancellation policy.

Can’t make it to a class? No big deal, just cancel online at least 8 hours in advance. If you cancel outside the 8 hours or ditch the class altogether, you’ll lose the class. We understand that life is unpredictable, so if you know you can’t make a class and you’re already outside the 8-hour window, just call us. We’ll do everything we can to fill your spot so you don’t loose your class.


Expiration policy.

Milk, yogurt, even chocolate – the best things in life expire. If you bought a package, keep in mind that it might have an expiration date attached to it. 

Package hold or extend policy. 

Life happens, we know. All requests for extensions, pauses, or holds must be e-mailed to:

If you need an extension or hold for travel, illness, or by special request, there will be a $15 fee *We will waive fee on your first travel or special request extension/hold and first illness extension/hold. Any succeeding requests will be subject to fee. 
Fee term is good for a year, based on your first extension.

Package change policy.

Change is good, and we embrace it. Call us anytime and we’re happy to update or modify your package. For Recurring Monthly packages please give us 30 days to updated your plan.


Payment plans.

The worry-relieving attributes of Pilates won’t do you much good if you’re stressing out about finances. We offer flexible payment plans on all of our packages. Just ask us!


They say there are no guarantees in life, but we don’t agree. We want you to have a great experience at our studio. If, for any reason, you’re unhappy with your session, we’ll refund you. Period.

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