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Group Classes

If you’re ready to step it up, consider classes. Our group reformer classes are offered seven days a week, and there’s one for every fitness level. While our sessions are centered around the Pilates reformer, they also incorporate exercises using the mat, jumpboard, box, magic circle, stability ball, hand weights and therabands.


New around here? No problem.  

Intro to Pilates classes are appropriate for everyone, regardless of your experience with pilates exercises. In a beginners level class, your instructor teaches you how to properly use the reformer that works with with springs and pulleys. A Intro to Pilates class includes the pilates reformer, and smaller equipment such as elastic bands, balls and the magic circle.

You’ll learn how to complete the exercises on the machine, how to transition between exercises, and how to adjust your machine. Your instructor pays close attention to your position and alignment and lets you know when you need to make adjustments. They can design a workout that addresses your specific needs.



If you’ve been taking beginners classes for a while, you may be ready to progress to an all level class. You can ask your instructor for their opinion, but you should also assess your knowledge of pilates exercises.

You may be ready for intermediate level pilates classes if:

  • You know how many springs are needed to perform footwork exercises.

  • How to prepare your equipment for specific exercises, such as the straps needed for leg circles or frog exercises.

  • You know what a short box series is and what you need to perform it.

  • You understand what running on the reformer means.

An all level class is a well-rounded workout focuses on strengthening the entire body – especially the core – with exercises that emphasize coordination, balance and flexibility.



The Jumpboard is a solid piece of hardwood with one side covered with a cushioning pad material. One end of the jumpboard fits into the end of the reformer to replace the footbar. The idea being that you lay on your back on the carriage and use the board to jump! You can also lay down on your side to jump.   Pilates jumpboard benefits provides increased endurance and muscle strength, helps in the rehabilitation process and improves motor coordination and balance. One of the Pilates jumpboard benefits is the facility of jumping exercises and “pushing” movements.



When you’re ready for more strength, we’ve got it here. This fast-paced class progresses through variations of advanced reformer sequences and balance challenges. Clients should be able to maintain proper form and alignment with fewer modifications. Props will be used to challenge stability and core control. This class is not recommended for those with a significant injury, unless they are capable of modifying on their own. 



Get your heart rate pounding while staying true to your Pilates routine. This high-intensity class mixes Pilates reformer exercises with fitness moves to increase strength, improve posture, and build your strongest core yet! This format mixes in props, like resistance bands and free weights, for dynamic movement.  This class is not recommended for those with a significant injury, unless they are capable of modifying on their own.



Experience an infinitely different Pilates workout! Our Balanced Body reformers feature the Infinity Bar which travels the length of the machine giving you a fresh, fun take on the spectacular benefits of the Pilates method!  Infinity is a temple of health and wellness. It offers the chance to realign their body and mind, restoring balance through positive changes, movement, and self-care.



We never said it would be easy. Pilates Challenge will – you guessed it – challenge your strength, coordination and maybe even your creativity (Cirque de Soleil, anyone?) These workouts are designed to push the limits of the body's strength and endurance .  Pilates Challenge classes are a combination of Pilates Cardio, Scupt and Strength. 



Drop and give us your best!  This bootcamp workout can vary depending on a person's fitness level and goals. Generally, an bootcamp workout is considered to be a high-intensity, physically demanding workout that challenges the limits of the body's endurance, strength, and conditioning. This butt-kicking workout is tough – but we promise it’ll be fun, too. 

Private Sessions

A little one-on-one attention goes a long way. Our private Pilates sessions are the most effective way to learn, practice and perfect your Pilates performance. Guided by one of our expert instructors, you’ll receive undivided attention with a session customized entirely to your specific needs and goals. Private sessions are the best way to attain the ultimate Pilates results.

What you can expect from a Private Session.

Each private sessions begins with a warm up series, then progresses into the fundamental Pilates principles. With a focus on your feedback, fitness level and goals, your instructor will create a customized program to help you achieve your goals. Private sessions are perfect for those who are new to Pilates and hoping to become familiar with the equipment and practice, as well as for those who are experienced and looking for the next challenge. Think of your private sessions as you would any investment – the more you put in, the more you’ll get back.


  • Teach you the basics of Pilates before you attend a regular class

  • Teach you specific poses, exercises and techniques to meet your particular needs

  • Help you practice more advanced poses safely

  • Help you learn breathing techniques that boost energy, calmness and balance

  • Enhance your mind-body awareness

  • Enhance your flexibility training program

  • Improve your posture

  • Strengthen your muscular system (including the abs and low back)

  • Improve your balance and stabilization

  • Reduce stress, tension, and anxiety

  • Answer any Pilates-related questions you have

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